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Where’s the Baby? My Missing Cat

Cayce in her rocker

This blue rocking chair has been empty since April 26th. Painfully so. In fact, the whole tiny apartment has felt huge and empty since April 27, when I realized that my beautiful Cayce had disappeared.  It seems her natural curiosity led her up to the railing, past the kitty-gate that had kept her safely on our second-floor porch for many months of fresh air and bird-watching visits, and out into the big, wide world where an indoor cat with no front claws and no hunting experience is at the mercy of many dangerous foes and situations.

At the excellent advice of a friend, I called animal control, vets and shelters here and in surrounding towns. I put up flyers with Cayce’s picture and details of her disappearance, posting my name and phone number.  One of the vets I spoke with said that indoor cats tend to stay pretty close by, so I decided that a situation like  “The Incredible Journey” didn’t seem realistic.  Mostly I have been waiting for a miraculous return. Waiting and praying.

Then the other day, on a whim, I contacted a psychic online, who said that Cayce was with a family who had prevented her from getting hit by a car, and she’s happy living with them. At first I was torn between relief that she was ok and heartache that she was inside, unable to come home. Then I contacted another psychic for a second opinion.  She also thought that Cayce had been taken in and suggested that I put an ad in the paper, which I did.

Of  course, the local paper doesn’t put photos with the Lost & Found, but here’s a good one that really shows a facet of  Cayce’s  personality that I miss so much. She seems to really enjoy looking at the world upside down, so this is one of her favorite positions! And she enjoys washing her paws and face so much, she almost makes it into a game!

Cayce Washing Paws 3.2.13

One of the times I miss her most is when I try to work out, because she always joined in – in her own way! She usually made it one of her bath times, assuming the position pictured above (except she’d be on the floor near my exercise mat), washing paws and face, rolling back and forth, sometimes grabbing her tail!  Then when I was lying on the mat, she’d stroll by and head-butt or come in for a pat. I mean, why else would I be down on her floor if not to give her attention?!

So, about the title:  beginning 5 years ago when Cayce was a kitten,  when I didn’t know where in the house she was hiding, I’d say, “Where’s the baby?” and she would come out of whatever secret spot she’d been in, meowing as if to say, “Here I am, Mama!” How I miss her voice!  Hope someone calls soon.

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