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Glorious Spring! The Peepers Are Back!!

March 14, 2012

Someone mentioned seeing bluebirds here in southeastern Massachusetts last week (3/6) and, although I didn’t see them myself, my passion for Spring was awakened! We have since had quite  a string of  Spring-like days weather-wise aka lose the winter duds! And then – piece de resistance – I heard the early spring frogs, known as “peepers” for the gentle chirping sound of their calls.

by Phil Myers, University of Michigan Museum of Zoology Animal Diversity Web Pseudacris crucifer, Spring Peeper, reprinted by permission

For visual assurance of the return of Spring (for me at least), nothing can beat the first blooms of myrtle aka Vinca minor or  periwinkle.

Vinca minor, periwinkle(I must confess that my 2012 myrtle has yet to begin blooming – this photo is from last Spring!) But I have no doubt that my lifelong, all-time favorite season has truly arrived because I heard the peepers last night!

Why is it that Spring continues to thrill, energize and delight me after all the decades of Springs I have witnessed, adored and reveled in?


Spring to me has always symbolized the most positive and uplifting treasures of life:  new beginnings, new life springing forth, the end of Winter’s grip, hope!  Easter, Passover, and for the Wampanoag, the New Year!

Glorious :)

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