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Thank-you, Girlfriend!

March 17, 2012

bookmark, friendship, thoughtful gift

“Great thoughts come from the heart.”  ~ Luc de Clapiers   I’d like to add that  great gifts do too!

Allow me to share something both simple and profound… three months ago  (or about 4/1000ths of my life thus far),  I began to learn a new way of thinking.  A new way of seeing myself, my life and the people in it.  And I am so grateful and blessed that it has become available to me right now, this moment, right here in this life.

One delightful outcome has been making new friends, including the delightful character who gave me this bookmark, on the day we actually met for the first time, having only spoken on the phone – what, Anne, twice?   And it was a conversation with this new friend that inspired me to start writing this blog!

So, thank-you, girlfriend, for helping me to still my self-doubt and clear the space that is “me” and create this new possibility of self-expression that I can share!

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