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Mommy-Daughter Day, Facebook Reveal

March 21, 2012

I so love my daughter – always have, always will. No contest. She makes me proud, she makes me laugh, she makes me crazy – I think the best daughters do.  She is absolutely the best daughter!

2 jessesdaddy daughter

Yesterday, she devoted the entire day to me and it was amazing.  It began with her invaluable support at a kinda scary doctor’s appointment and ended with shopping. Let me just say at this point that I have never been the type of lady who loves to shop! But it was just the most fun – she may convert me yet!

In between Part I and Part III of our “girls’ day,”  we had lunch – what else?!  It was special as our meals together always are, and as always, we cracked each other up!!  And, of course, she caught me with her camera-phone. And posted it!!!! My first, hilarious  attempt at using chopsticks! Sheesh!

But you know what?  I really love it, and she really got it! Love you, Jess!

3-20-12, mommy-daughter lunch

  1. I have to admit I got tears in my eyes when I read this post! That is such a great photo of you using chopsticks. :) They can definitely be tricky when first using them for sure. My mom and I are also very close, and I love her dearly. She’ll be visiting me in SF in May, so I look forward to having our own daughter/mother day. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful post!

    • Thank you, Jacqueline! Our relationship has always been such a joy and a blessing. Have a wonderful visit with your Mom and please give her a hug for me :)

  2. Anne permalink

    Love your photos. Your daughter is beautiful!!!!!!

    • Thank you, Anne – I totally agree :) And as beautiful as she is, she’s just as dear a friend to her friends, as precious a mother to her daughter and daughter to her Dad (above) and me – We are all so blessed to have her in our lives.

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