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April 9, 2012

journal, mother daughter, heart

My thoughtful daughter, Jess, gave me this journal several Christmases ago so that I would have plenty of time to jot down memories of my life for her to read after I’m gone.  It’s a wonderful idea book from Hallmark (naturally!) and includes questions that serve as jumping-off points for remembering all sorts of moments from childhood on.

Thinking about the precious bond between us,  I recalled a “visit” we made once for family counseling when Jess was young.  I don’t recall the reason we went or how old Jess was at the time, but what we do recall quite clearly was the psychiatric opinion that my daughter and I were too close. What?!  And as I recall, we never went back to that “doctor”!  The notation in my journal under most important lessons reads: “Psychiatrists who think a mother & daughter can be too close need only be seen once, if at all!”

Now I am delighted to declare that our “closeness” has persisted and grown stronger to this very day!  And even more profound, that unbreakable mother-daughter bond continues on between Jess and her own daughter.

This love is shrink-proof!


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